Summers Street Substation.

1995-98 - Design and specification of a new 132/25kV two phase substation to replace Claisebrook Substation that was to be demolished to make way for the Graham Farmer Freeway tunnel. Space was very limited for the new substation that consisted of two 132kV line ciurcuits and two step down transformers and an indoor 25kV single phase switchboard. The electrical specification was prepared for MHM Engineering.

Technical advice and construction supervision was provided directly to Westrail during the construction and commissioning phase.

Westrail subsequently requested Power and Energy Services to prepare two training manuals, one on substations in general and the other specific to the Summer Street Substation.

2009 - Power and Energy Services were later appointed by Siemens as the Independent Verifier for the design and installation of static VAr compensation at Summers Street.

    Clients: MHM Engineering, Westrail and Siemens

   Contractors: ABB and Siemens

Commissioning 25kV switchboard                   Summers St view

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