Ord Hydro-electric Project.

1990-94 - Design Engineer
whilst working for SMEC responsible for client liason in WA and electrical transmission and generation for proposed power station on Lake Argyle for CRA Busines Development. The project was later transferred to Argyle Diamonds (part of CRA) who obtained EPA approval but did not proceed. Arglyle Diamonds Mine also considered incoporating additional generation downstream at the Diversion Dam.

            Client: CRA Busines Development and then Argyle Diamonds Mine.

1994-1996 Eastern Energy Services, (Power and Energy Services predecessor). Electrical design review for Pacific Hydro who refined the designs and contructed the power station and 130km of 132kV transmision lines and three substations to Argyle Diamonds Mine and Kununurra. This included a period as Resident Engineer during construction.

             Client: Pacific Hydro..

-        Contractors: Civil and Civic, McMahon Construction, Halcrow Water Power, SKM, ABB, Kilpatrick Green, Kvaerner Energy, ACEC.
  Water turbine 2                Ord Hydro PS                             
                                                                       Turbine                                                                                                                                                                                                       Power Station
Salient Features

Type :Base load and load following
Rated net head : 41 metres
Head race tunnel : two off 4.4m diameter concrete lined
Installed Capacity : 30 MW
Turbine Generator Set : 2 x twin 7.5MW 
Type of Turbine : Francis
Rated Output : 7.5 MW x 4
Rated Speed : 375 rpm
Type of Generator : 2 off horizontal shaft synchronous
Capacity : 20 MVA
Voltage Ratio : 11/132 KV
Power Transformer : 11/132 KV
Designed Average Annual Generation : 220 GWh

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