Marsyangdi Hydro-electric Project.

1988-90 - Resident Engineer
whilst working for SMEC responsible for the civil and electrical components of three 132/66/11kV GIS substations and one extension of an open air substation and for the finalisation of the 132kV transmission line works.
             Client: MHDB, Nepal.

-        Contractors: Civec China, civil works, AEG Germany, substations electrical, SAE India, tranmsiion lines. Others, Voith, Germany, turbines, Siemens, Germany, generators, Taisai, Japan, tunnel, KDC Korea, headworks

Marsyangdi power station    GIS air interface
                                                                       Power Station                                                                                                                               Gas Insultated Switchrear to Air Bushings

Salient Features

Type : Peak- run- of- the- river
Rated net head : 90.5 meter
Rated Turbine Discharge : 30.5 m3/s
Head race tunnel : 7199m, 6.4m dia., concrete lined
Pressure Shaft : 75m long, 5m dia., steel lined
Surge Tank : 20.5m dia., 56m high concrete throttle shaft
Installed Capacity : 69 MW
Turbine Generator Set : 3 sets
Type of Turbine : Francis
Rated Output : 26 MW x 3
Rated Speed : 300 rpm
Type of Generator : Vertical shaft synchronous
Capacity : 30 MVA
Voltage Ratio : 11/132 KV
Power Transformer : 11/132 KV single phase, 3x 10 kva, 9 Nos.
Designed Average Annual Generation : 462.5 GWh
Catchment Area : 3850 sq. km
Average Annual Discharge : 210 m3/s
Civil Construction Started : February, 1886
Commercial Operation Started : 5 November, 1989
Construction Cost : 221.57 million USD
Financed By : GON, IDA, KFW, SFD and ADB

Pulling cable
                                       Pulling Cable

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