Gas Insulated Substations, GIS.

Power and Energy Services' experience in GIS
started over thirty years ago with one of the first GIS installations in Australia, ETSA's East Terrace Substion. Located in the CBD of Adelaide this 225MVA, 275/66kV substaion is still the main supply for the CBD. EHV supply is via an oil filled cable and the enclosed transformer connections are through gas insulated busbar to the Mitsibishi GIS swiitchgear. A basement and tunnels are used for supply and feeder cables. Simon Ashby was Resident Engineer on this project.

Simon was again Resident Engineer for three GIS substations in Nepal between 1988 and 1990, these were phase segregated high speed single pole reclose, HSPAR, units rated at 275kV and 132kV but operated at 132kV and 66kV.

He has subsequently investigated the use of GIS for Western Power CBD substations and various hydro-electrical and mining projects.

-        Contractors: Mitsibishi Electrical and AEG Germany.

ETSA, East Terrace, Adelaide.
225MVA, 275/66kV Transformer.   Welcome tranny   Tx busbar Transformer GIS busbar connections. 
275kV GIS module .GIS module   GIS bus 275kV GIS busbars 

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